About us

Diginix Technologies is an information technology company based in USA with offices in Asia, helping enterprises worldwide since 2000 in delivering high performance and growth with innovative, cost-effective and timely IT solutions. Diginix Technologies develops, customizes and implements business solutions and products across different business verticals and technologies. Our services enable software application development process to become efficient and cost effective. Not only our services reduce our client's costs by up to 80% but also give them a high quality end product.

About Our Team

We at Diginix Technologies have a team of people best defined as talented certified project management professional, enthusiastic, committed and driven. Out team comprises of people with outstanding computer science and specialist business domain backgrounds.

The way we work

At Diginix Technologies we take a consultative approach, working with our clients as part of their team, to interrogate their business thoroughly and gain a real understanding of their needs. We also understand that it's not just about technology but how that technology can be best applied to ensure that our customers receive the service they want and their business benefits as a result. We recognize that every client requirement is different and we use our technology to develop the best IT solutions for each client's requirement. We don't believe that one size fits all. And the desired result? Our customers are satisfied by the service we provide. We in turn benefit from repeat business and earn the enviable reputation as a great customer care provider.