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Diginix Image Slider for Joomla by Diginix Technologies is a Javascript based ( no jQuery, no flash ) image slider for your Joomla website. Ability to slide images as well as HTML captions with linking, support up to 17 transition effects.Diginix Slider is a responsive slideshow that automatically adapts browser or device size and resizes the images in the slideshow accordingly.

-  Performance:
Diginix Slider has Pure Javascript ( no jQuery, no flash ) utilized the requestAnimationFrame function that makes animations silky smooth, synced with your GPU and hog much less CPU. For some reason, jQuery declined the use of the requestAnimationFrame. Thus Diginix Slider excels jQuery sliders in performance, giving audience a very smooth and visually pleasing experience.

-   Lightweight:
The script weighs 13kb that is much less than the jQuery scripts ( size of slider script + 92kb jQuery script)

-  Easy to Use:
    * HTML captions
    * 17 transition effects, with group effects e.g All Cube effects, All Block effects etc.
    * Easy to tweak through Javascript option variable and CSS
    * Supports linking images and HTML caption
    * Supported by all major browsers cross browser compatible<
    * Supported upto 20 images

This version is released under the GNU GPL License, and can be used in Unlimited Domains.

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Diginix Slider Joomla 3.x (Commercial)

File Name: mod_diginix_slider_j3x.zip
Date: 18. February 2013


Diginix Slider Joomla 3.x (Commercial)

Diginix Slider Joomla 2.5 (Commercial)

File Name: mod_diginix_slider_j25.zip
Date: 25. August 2012


Diginix Slider Joomla 2.5 (Commercial)

Diginix Slider Joomla 1.5 (Commercial)

File Name: mod_diginix_slider_j15.zip
Date: 25. August 2012


Diginix Slider Joomla 1.5 (Commercial)
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